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“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” - Benjamin Franklin

About us

MN Engineering Laboratory was founded in August of 2018 and since then offers services in the sector of quality control. A young company that has earned the trust of many investors all over the region by providing excellence, quality and precision.

This company was established in trust, to give our clients a unique brand that guarantees control and precision, to truly demand quality and help to achieve it. At our very core, we are builders, committing to deliver superior quality in every project. That is why we are devoted to every project from the beginning to it’s construction.

We take pride in the professionalism, competence and integrity we bring to each construction project.

Thank you for the opportunity to discuss MN Engineering Laboratory with you. We appreciate your serious consideration of our firm for any of your future construction needs.

Our services

Concrete Laboratory

Non-destructive concrete testing in a structure with a sclerometer

Destructive concrete testing in a structure by extracting concrete cores

Concrete mix design with previous laboratory testing for all types of concrete

Concrete mix design for prefabricated elements

Full laboratory and on-site testing of fresh concrete - Consistency

Performs complete laboratory and field testing of hardened concrete as pressure strength

Concrete Design for all types of structures in civil engineering construction, building construction and hydro construction

Program about the quality of concrete and reinforced concrete structures for all types of structures in civil engineering construction, building construction and hydro construction

Geotechnical Laboratory

Previous geotechnical laboratory testing to determine the bearing capacity of the ground for construction of foundations

Tests for defining the physical – mechanical properties of soil: module of compressibility

Preparation of reports and laboratory documents from tests of quality results

Conduct tests on aggregates and stones, particularly on the gradation, absorption and density

Provide advice on the quality standards of the materials and for possible improvements

Our Team

Two graduated civil engineers, one of which with more than eight years of experience in laboratories, quarry and other fields, while the other one with three years of experience in the field of concrete technologies, both of them born in the city of Gostivar with the dream to bring quality to the city, which drove them to the decision of starting this company.

Boban Nikoloski

Boban Nikoloski

Graduated Geotechnical Engineer

Arlind Mehmedi

Arlind Mehmedi

Graduated Civil Engineer

Contact us

Nikola Parapunov 33,
Gostivar 1230,
Republic of North Macedonia

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